Adaptive AI Engine for RTS Games

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Our Initial Imagination of the Project – 14 June 2006

Posted by merothehero on June 25, 2009

AI Engine with Machine Learning and Mobile Game Plans


1- In most commercial complex major games, Human players only need a couple of games to spot opponents’ weaknesses and to exploit them in upcoming games. This results in game boredom.

Traditional Solution:

-Human players/Testers around the world supply Game Manufacturers with the weak points in the AI algorithms in their games, so they would avoid them in the next version of the game.

2- A Human/Computer player would like to share his game plan/experience with other players among the world without really playing the game with them.

Traditional Solution:

-No Other way than playing the game.

3- -A Human Player would be interested to read a human-comprehendible game plan of another Computer/Human Player, He Can’t get what he wants from a computer because it’s something embedded in the AI Engine of the game, also he can’t get what he wants from a human player if he isn’t in contact with him.

Traditional Solutions:

-A Human would contact the game developers and ask them for the computer plans for a certain part of the game, this is extremely inconvenient.

-A Human would wait until he’s able to contact the other human, and have with him a long chat about his experience in the game.


1- Implementing Machine Learning in AI engines.

In most of Commercial Complex Major Games, Machine Learning isn’t implemented. Implementing Machine learning in an AI game engine would be great.

Please check this research:

Recent Advances in Machine Learning and Game Playing (Research between 2006 and 2009)

Another Link:

2- Implementing a mobile experience/plan

A Computer/Human player who would like to export his way/Experience of playing the game to other Computer/Human players around the world will share his mobile copy of experience/plan, Other player’s game instances will receive the mobile copy of his experience/plan in the game, perhaps add it to their own copy of way/experience of playing the game and try to beat it.

3- Implementing Human Understandable Experience

So that a Human would easily understand the plan of a certain computer opponent or even the electronic version of the game plan of a human player WITHOUT playing the game itself.


The World is heading through a new era of gaming and the game industry will need this sooner or later.


Our current scope is Strategy Games.


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