Adaptive AI Engine for RTS Games

Discussing the theory and practice

Enhanced AI Engine

Posted by Ogail on June 26, 2009

Enhanced AI Engine

  • Problems Considered:

    • Opponents weaknesses easily detected
      • In most commercial complex major games, human players only need a couple of games to spot opponents’ weaknesses and to exploit them in upcoming games. This results in not effective boredom game
    • Sharing experience is complex
      • A Human/Computer player would like to share his game plan/experience with other players among the world without really playing the game with them
    • The need for tangible experience
      • A Human Player would be interested to read a human-comprehendible game plan of another Computer/Human Player, He Can’t get what he wants from a computer because it’s something embedded in the AI Engine of the game, also he can’t get what he wants from a human player if he isn’t in contact with him
    • Discovering and solving flaws in game plan/experience
      • A Human/Computer player tends to discover his mistakes that lead to his loss, this process may take a long time and effort
  • Alterative Solutions:
    • Opponents weaknesses easily detected:
      • Human players/Testers around the world supply Game Manufacturers with the weak points in the AI algorithms in their games, so they would avoid them in the next version of the game
    • Sharing experience is complex
      • No Other way than playing the game either online or offline
    • The need for tangible experience
      • A Human would contact the game developers and ask them for the computer plans for a certain part of the game, this is extremely inconvenient
      • A Human would wait until he’s able to contact the other human, and have with him a long chat about his experience in the game
    • Discovering and solving flaws in game plan/experience
      • The Human Player would contact the game developer and ask for help, or the game developer would update the computer AI game plan after discovering a flaw in it
  • Objective:
    • Implementing machine learning techniques at AI Engines
      • Solves the first problem
      • Description:
        • Makes the AI Engine able to analyze its failure and solve the flaw
      • Other:
        • The following research were done in this field before:
  • Implementing Human Understandable Experience
    • Solves second problem
    • Description:
      • So that a Human would easily understand the plan of a certain computer opponent or even the electronic version of the game plan of a human player WITHOUT playing the game itself
  • Implementing mobile experience/plan concept
    • Solves third and third problems
    • Description:
      • A Computer/Human player who would like to export his way/Experience of playing the game to other Computer/Human players around the world will share his mobile copy of experience/plan, Other player’s game instances will receive the mobile copy of his experience/plan in the game, perhaps add it to their own copy of way/experience of playing the game and try to beat it
  • Detecting player personality:
    • Solves first problem
    • Description:
      • The AI Engine will be able to analyze player behavior and produces a plan suitable for beating him/her
  • Scope:
    • Our current scope is strategy games
  • Why this project is useful?
    • Currently there are automated machines (robots) that are used in wars instead of human. The army commander can use the AI Engine to:
      • Test his plans
      • Share other commanders experience in the plan
      • Discover flaws in the plan. And solves these flaws
  • Motivations:
    • We are interested in this project for the following reasons:
      • AI is our area of interest in computer science
      • In the future, we are planning to work in the industry of game development specially in AI Engines
      • We love playing strategy games, developing this project will be so interesting and fun!

Our wish to add something new to this world


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