Adaptive AI Engine for RTS Games

Discussing the theory and practice

Game Architecture

Posted by Ogail on June 26, 2009

Game Architecture


  • Any game is consisting from 2 parts:
    • Game Engine
      • Rendering Engine
      • Audio Engine
      • Input Engine
      • AI Engine
      • Scripting
      • Networking
    • Game Logic
      • Connecting all previous engines together
  • Game engines are developed in component based architecture
  • Strategy games way of thinking:
    • Micromanagement: maintenance of resources and individual units
    • Macromanagemet: economic development and large-scale strategic maneuvering
  • Game tactics:
    • Rush attack
    • RTS Games are stochastic and TBS Games are deterministic
    • The difference here is that, in real-time strategy, a decision has to be arrived in a short time-frame, so the best conceivable course of action in that time-frame is used
  • Tactics vs. Strategy:
    • Tactics = Short-term military objectives

Strategy = Long term military objectives


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