Adaptive AI Engine for RTS Games

Discussing the theory and practice

Adaptive AI Engine for RTS Games

Posted by Ogail on July 15, 2009

  • Technical words that need explanation:
    • AI Opponent: we mean by AI opponent the computer that plays against human
    • Human Opponent: the human player playing against the computer
    • RTS Game:
      eal Time Strategy Games; that’s the technical name of strategy games (as Red-Alert)
  • Preface:
    • This project is in the field of Artificial Intelligence specially in Machine Learning area
    • The minor goal to the project is to make the machine (computer) able to predict human future decision
    • The project aims to provide this facility (prediction) to the AI opponent in Strategy Games
  • What are problems we want to solve:
    • AI opponent weaknesses easily detected
      • In most commercial complex major games, human players only need a couple of games to spot opponents’ weaknesses and to exploit them in upcoming games. This results in not effective boredom game
    • AI opponent get in the same trap repeatedly
    • Most AI opponents don’t know the answer of the questions:
      • Does the AI opponent know the safe map locations to get out from kill zones
      • Does AI opponent know if the human opponent rushes?
      • Does human opponent rely on units that require certain resources?
      • Does human opponent frequently build a number of critical structures in a poorly defensive place?
      • Does human player attacks are balanced or not?
  • Why this project is useful?
    • Currently there are automated machines (robots) that are used in wars instead of human. The army commander can use the AI Engine to:
      • Test his plans
      • Share other commanders experience in the plan
      • Discover flaws in the plan. And solves these flaws
    • The problems considered are not solved till now in commercial RTS Games (by Alex Champandard)
  • Other Issues:
  • What’s the expected output from the project?
    • AI Library for RTS Games:
      • A commercial library that is able to compete in the Game AI Industry
    • 2 Publications:
      • Publish 2 papers that summarizes what new we’ve add
  • How to test the AI Engine:
    • By solving previous problems and then play a game with the computer and ensure that its able to learn
  • Motivations:
    • We are interested in this project for the following reasons:
      • AI is our area of interest in computer science
      • In the future, we are planning to work in the industry of game development specially in AI Engines

      • We love playing strategy games, developing this project will be so interesting and fun!
      • Our wish to add something new to this world

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