Adaptive AI Engine for RTS Games

Discussing the theory and practice

Comments on First Seminar Presentation

Posted by Ogail on November 25, 2009

  • Don’t use over body language
  • Try to explain any topic in very brief way. Don’t explain a lot if the audience need more explanation they’ll ask you
  • Meet your audience needs
  • There should be a balance in the presentation topic time. That’s try to make every topic take a specific equal slice of time
  • In case of pictures existence in the presentation try to make it easy to understood
  • When Drs. Are asking you a question wait until they finish and then start talking
  • You are your team should agree on who will answer the questions.
    • A good way is to classify questions under their topic and each one of you is responsible for a topic
  • You should make a backup of the presentation: on mail, on flash memory, on 2 laptops and hardcopy
  • Always discriminate between challenges in problems in your project. Challenges are results of problems whereas the problems are the source of everything

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