Adaptive AI Engine for RTS Games

Discussing the theory and practice

Case Retrieval Technique

Posted by Ogail on December 1, 2009

  • Abstract:
    • Any case-based planning system deals with 5 problems: Case representation, retrieval, reuses, revise and retain. In this article we discuss the case retrieval of the CBP system.
  • In this article we are only restricted with example of collecting a resource for a certain amount.
  • We have three alternative techniques of retrieving cases:
    • Simplex algorithm:
      • The whole cases are just represented in one case.
      • Using Simplex method algorithm you can calculate number of peons required to collect the resource.
    • Hashing:
      • The cases will be retained in a map data structure and its index will be calculated from equation:
      • I = aX + bY + cZ
      • Where:
        • I: is the key of case in the map.
        • X: is number of gold mines in the map.
        • Y: is the number of free or useless peon.
        • Z: amount of gold required.
        • a, b, c are weights for the features.
    • Hierarchal Structure:
      • The cases will be represented as a hierarchy.
      • The most important features are placed in the top of this hierarchy and the less important ones led us to certain sub groups of cases till we reach the most similar cases to the new one we have.

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