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Thank You Hassan Ibraheem !

Posted by merothehero on December 5, 2009

Thanks to Hassan Ibraheem -our colleague and friend- we were able to compile and run the Wargus Game on windows at last. In case we switch our test-bed from BosWars to Wargus , that would be a great favor to us.

Hassan spent with us a lot of hours and effort to do this, THANK YOU HASSAN !


5 Responses to “Thank You Hassan Ibraheem !”

  1. Thanks 🙂
    It’s my pleasure to be able to help you guys 🙂
    Good luck in your project.

  2. Abu-Bakr Taha said

    يا بني ده حسن ابراهيم 😀
    اقولك ايه و لا ايه و لا ايه 😀
    ده يا بني افضاله عليا كتير 😀
    كل اللي كان بيقدمهولي الصراحة 😀
    PMs 😀
    جامدة البطريق اقعد اضحك عليها للصبح 😀
    خد عندك
    1-الصدق منجة و انا بحب المنجة 😀
    يوم امتحانات الميدتيرم بتاعت ال
    Operating Systems and Architecture
    2-Fabricating Systems and Computer 3achitecture 😀
    لما بيخش بيزي بيكتب
    مع انه داخل بيزي 😀

  3. Shakeel said


    I am doing same type of project for my graduation and i find your blog very helpful. I need some help how you compiled Boswars, and how you will perform your required implementation.

    • merothehero said

      hello shakeel,

      I’m happy you find our blog useful, please be free to contact me on my e-mail , We can have a chat on Live messenger or we can exchange mails . Then I think i could help you with anything .
      Send me a mail and i will reply on your mail with some attatchments and links .

      waiting for your mail or your add on messenger,

      Kind Regards,

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