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Thank You Kariem Mohamed Ali !

Posted by merothehero on February 7, 2010

Kariem Mohamed Ali – our friend in our very same college- managed to design our Project’s Poster and Brochure yesterday to be used in the ICT Conference today.He proved to be a true professional in his work. This was observed through his great art work and his speed. His Patience to our many demands made us even much more grateful.

Our Designer Friend Kariem Mohamed Ali

Our Designer Friend Kariem Mohamed Ali

Oh ! I Forgot to say that we have chosen the name “I-Strategizer” as the “cool” or “commercial” name of our project instead of the current scientific name.

Some of Kariem’s Work in less than 2 days :

Thank You Kariem … We Owe you a lot !

The I-Strategizer Team


4 Responses to “Thank You Kariem Mohamed Ali !”

  1. ZiKaS said

    Yes, thanks for Karim so much really your work make a big difference with us man 🙂

  2. mhesham said

    Kariem is known to be responsible, and real hard worker, never denied to help any one asking his help.
    In all Kariem work you notice a touch of a real artist, and this is what we expect from Kariem.
    Keep the hard work up.

    Gratz to all I-Strategizer Team, hope success for you in the ICT.

  3. kariem said

    Oh, our great Zikas ,thank you very much for your words , You, who are famous curse to help people.
    hope success for you in the ICT , God help you.

  4. ManS said

    really ,it’s very nice design karim
    great work I-Strategizer Team and GO ON
    god with u IsA:)

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