Adaptive AI Engine for RTS Games

Discussing the theory and practice

5-7-2010 Meeting Minutes

Posted by Ogail on July 6, 2010

  • Aim of meeting:
    • Starting to write a paper from the project.
  • Attendants:
    • Dr. Ibrahim Fathy.
    • Omar Enayet.
    • Abdelrahman Al-Ogail.
  • Below I’ll show the meeting processing.

Determination of first paper title

  • We’ve found 2 suitable names:
    • Intelligent agent model for online case-based planning.
    • Extending online case-based planning with reinforcement learning.


Structure of the Paper

  • Abstract.
  • Introduction (must contain a brief info about RTS games).
  • Related work:
    • Sant’s work.
    • Traditional planning work.
  • Architecture.
  • Agent Learning.
  • Case study.
  • Conclusion.

Abstract Content

  • RTS domain.
  • Online case-based planning problems
  • Effects of this problem.
  • Mentioning our contribution.

Alterations to Architecture

  • Separation is required between offline and online stages.
  • I-StrategizerToWargus module will be removed.
  • Expert interaction is added to the environment.
  • Game state will come from the world directly.
  • Wargus is referred as environment.
  • Replace are Cases phrase with Case phrase.
  • Replace Behavior phrase with Case Behavior phrase.
  • Reviser must have a separate accessing line to Casebase.
  • The arrows from expansion module to current plan should be: Goal, Expanded Plan.
  • The arrows from execution module to current plan should be: Plan Action, Action Feedback.
  • Plan object will is replaced with Current Plan.

Tips about writing the architecture section in the paper

  • Never copy from other papers; you must rephrase the words in your own way.
  • Emphasize on your work “Reviser” (why and what).
  • Add references as you can.
  • Try to rephrase paper’s diagrams.

Future Work

  • Constructing new plans online (i.e. it’s like learning from human demonstration but online).
  • Retaining failed plans to predict failure.
  • Revision maybe on:
    • Retrieved case only.
    • Current game history.
    • All previous games history.
  • Changing my goal according to the game situation.

2 Responses to “5-7-2010 Meeting Minutes”

  1. 5olio said

    ما شاء الله ربنا يوفقك يا عبدالرحمن ويوفقكم كلكم, وبفكرك كمان لو تقدر تعمل براءة اختراع.

  2. ZiKaS said

    Thanks Khaled; hope the same for you 🙂

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