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Comments on First Seminar Presentation

Posted by Ogail on November 25, 2009

  • Don’t use over body language
  • Try to explain any topic in very brief way. Don’t explain a lot if the audience need more explanation they’ll ask you
  • Meet your audience needs
  • There should be a balance in the presentation topic time. That’s try to make every topic take a specific equal slice of time
  • In case of pictures existence in the presentation try to make it easy to understood
  • When Drs. Are asking you a question wait until they finish and then start talking
  • You are your team should agree on who will answer the questions.
    • A good way is to classify questions under their topic and each one of you is responsible for a topic
  • You should make a backup of the presentation: on mail, on flash memory, on 2 laptops and hardcopy
  • Always discriminate between challenges in problems in your project. Challenges are results of problems whereas the problems are the source of everything

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Our Project’s Research Current Situation – 25 October 2009

Posted by merothehero on October 25, 2009

We have come to the most crucial part of our project’s life cycle. It’s This CREATIVE part concerned with creating new techniques or developing existing ones using one or more approaches.

It’s now clear to us that offline Learning (Learning in the company developing the game before releasing the game) is done through Evolutionary Algorithms, also through Cased-based Planning (based on case-based reasoning) through learning from simulation. At the moment we do not wish to enter this field, our main goal is Real-Time Learning.

On the other hand, Online Learning is done through Reinforcement Learning, as well as Case-Based planning as well. Most of the online learning papers make the learning just after the game is finished, but little theses of these are doing Real-Time Learning (learning while playing).

It seems that the most approaches used are Reinforcement Learning and Case-Based Reasoning.  Genetic Algorithms are extremely offline learning.

Since more than a week, we divided ourselves to two groups, me and Saqr studying Reinforcement Learning and trying to implement it, Abdurrahman and A. Atta studying Case-Based Planning and trying to implement it.

I and Saqr are currently:

  • Mastering RL through the ultimate Reinforcement Learning book “RL : An Intro”
  • Understanding Eric Kok’s Paper “Adaptive Reinforcement Learning agents in RTS Games – 2008” as well as its implementation
  • Understanding the paper “Transfer Learning in RTS Games using Hybrid CBR/RL”
  • Implementing a simulation for a Mini-RTS Game to be able to test our Techniques on it.

While Abdurrahman and A. Atta are currently:

  • Understanding more Case-Based Planning.
  • Understanding more CBP papers and their implementation.
  • Starting to think about a design for a platform with CBP to be used with Learning in BosWars (Our Open Source Game)

We have till the 11th of November to complete at least 80% of these Tasks. So may ALLAH be with us!

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